Luv Guv Flashes Temper During Probe

Spitzer lashes out at Paterson administration

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer was boorish and bad-tempered in interviews with state officials during an investigation related to the so-called "Troopergate'' scandal, threatening to file disciplinary complaints and arguing that Albany politicians are unable to focus on what really matters.

Inspector General Joseph Fisch released transcripts Tuesday of interviews with Spitzer during his investigation of the state Public Integrity Commission. Fisch says the commission unlawfully leaked sensitive information to Spitzer's administration.

"Troopergate" is the umbrella name given to accusations that Spitzer aides misused state police travel records in an effort to embarrass Spitzer's main political rival, former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno.

Four Spitzer aides got in trouble for ethic violations and several investigators believed Spitzer knew about the smear campaign. The former governor who resigned office amid a sex scandal last March was mum when it came to most of the questions asked of him in October, saying, "I don't recall" or "I don't remember."
Spitzer called Fisch "one more little Pac-Man'' participating in a fishing expedition. He also got testy with the interrogator, complaining at one point, according to The New York Daily News, "My time is precious, judge. What is your question?"

Spitzer took swipes at multiple individuals within the Paterson administration and haphazardly dismissed the entire investigation, describing it as "the inability of people in Albany to focus on what matters."

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