Man Lures New Jersey Girls to Car, Shouts Sexual Comments, Twice in Same Day: Cops

Police are looking for a man who tried twice in the same day to lure young New Jersey girls to his car by asking for directions, then yelled sexually inappropriate comments at them when they tried to help.
Authorities say the man drove up to two girls near Broad and Summit avenues in Leonia around 4 p.m. Wednesday and asked one of them for directions. One of the girls walked up to his car, described as a light blue SUV, and told him how to get where he wanted to go. He then made sexually explicit comments to both girls and the girls walked away. The man then drove off. 
Less than half an hour later, police say a man fitting the same description drove up to two different girls near Wood Terrace and Hillside Avenue and asked for directions to Broad Avenue, which was a block away. Again, one of the girls walked up to his car, told him how to get there, and he again shouted inappropriate sexual things to both girls, police say. Again, the girls walked away and the man drove off.

Police released a sketch of the suspect (above) and a car that looks like the one he was driving, according to police.
Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call Leonia police at (201) 944-0800.
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