Loud Noise Complaint Led to Excessive Force Arrest on Staten Island, Man Claims

Diddle Dee Bagels on Richmond Road in Dongan Hills

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A man who was arrested by several New York City police officers says excessive force was used against him after he complained about loud noises outside his family's bagel shop earlier this month.

Nemer Awadeh says he was outside Diddle Dee Bagels on Staten Island on Nov. 5 with some of his friends after midnight. That's when he saw a dark-colored vehicle that was playing some sort of "squeak noises" from its speaker pull into the parking lot. Awadeh says he thought the people inside the car were kids and asked them to keep it down. What he didn't know was the men inside were plainclothes NYPD officers and the police department says Awadeh was the one being rowdy.

Police sources tell NBC New York that Awadeh was shouting expletives at officers who were on traffic enforcement detail, and that's what led to his arrest in which Awadeh and his lawyer say excessive force was used by cops.

"What you see is a gang running up onto my client when he's sitting on his own property, and then literally beating on him," attorney Eric Subin said.

Parts of the incident were captured on a cellphone camera. The footage shows multiple police officers going swarming in to arrest Awadeh after he refused to show his identification.

The NYPD says officers called for backup after Awadeh kept refusing to produce his ID. One of the officers can be heard in the video saying, "I told you I was going to I was gonna get the whole precinct in right now and look what I did."

Police say Awadeh resisted arrest when officers attempted to put him into custody. He's now facing charges that include resisting arrest, obstruction and disorderly conduct.

The incident is now under internal review, according to police.

Awadeh maintains his innocence, saying that the officers gave no explanation as to why they needed his ID.

"When you get into a fight with a regular person, you call 911. But when 911's jumping you, who are you gonna call? Who's gonna protect you?" Awadeh said.

The 30-year-old said he had undergone surgery two weeks prior and was hurt during his arrest. Awadeh and his attorney say they will fight any charges and they plan to sue the city.

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