Looking for Terrorists in the Suburbs

Many Long Islanders were stunned by last weeks FBI raids in Centereach and Shirley and by the law enforcement claim that the alleged Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad received cash for his plot at the Ronkonkoma LIRR station.
But Long Island Congressman Peter King, of Seaford, was not surprised.
"Law enforcement has been concerned about a number of Muslims and mosques in Suffolk county for years," King told NBCNewYork.

"Muslim leaders have not done enough to aid law enforcement in their pursuit of potential terrorists," the congressman added.

"Where are these terrorists?" challenged Nayyar Imam of the Long Island Muslim Alliance. "We want to find out, and we would be the first ones to help law enforcement."
The congressman's words cast undue suspicion on thousands of Muslim families on Long Island, Imam suggested.
King's response: "This is not anti-Muslim -- 99 percent of Muslims are law abiding, but if you're looking for the KKK you go to a white community."

"King is out of line," said Mike Gordon, Coram resident. "Just leave these people alone, they're not bothering anyone out here."
Suffolk police insist however, the threat is real.
"The suburbs of New York City are the likely location for planning any future terrorist attack," said Deputy Chief Mark White, of Suffolk County’s Homeland Security Bureau.
"No Muslims are being monitored because of their religion or ethnicity," added White, " and Muslim leaders have been cooperative."
But Congressman King still insists Muslim leaders need to do more.

And despite their difference of opinions, Imam said he will invite King to visit Long Island mosques.
"He just has the wrong opinion of Muslims on Long Island," Imam said.

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