Blue Bond: Long-Lost Sisters Reunited as NYPD Officers at South Bronx Precinct

Yadarquiris and Jasmine Molina discovered they not only shared the same last name and precinct, but the same father as well

What to Know

  • Two long-lost police officer sisters were reunited at a South Bronx precinct where they both work
  • Yadarquiris and Jasmine Molina discovered they shared the same father after a 2014 conversation in the precinct locker room
  • The sisters spend almost every day together now to make up for lost time

Yadarquiris Molina joined the 42nd Precinct fresh out of the police academy. It was her first NYPD assignment, but she was the second Molina there — Jasmine had just transferred from the 41st.

It's not the first time in the NYPD where two officers share a last name and a precinct. The two shared a locker room as well, and that's where an interesting conversation took place in the summer of 2014.

The women soon discovered they shared a lot more than a precinct — they shared a father.

"When she told me his name — which is the exact same as mine — I stood speechless," said Jasmine. "I didn't have anything to say."

"She gave me that strange look like, 'This girl's crazy,'" Yadarquiris said. "I'm like, 'I'm your sister!'"

Yadarquiris knew she had a younger sister because she had met her once before. She said she remembered her father bringing their family to meet Jasmine, and that was it.

Jasmine learned she also had another sister and two brothers. The six half-siblings gathered at their father's bedside in his final days.

"[It was] very emotional," Jasmine said. "When we each spoke in the room, his heart rate went up drastically... that's how we knew. He knew all six kids were together for the first time."

The sisters are together almost every day now, making up for lost time. Commanding officer Ernest Morales thinks their bond helps the rest of his precinct.

"They're loving. They take shots at each other just like siblings, they encourage each other," he said. 

Regardless of what happens beyond the precinct doors, the sisters will always remain steady.

"We were destined to meet. I mean, come on. She worked in the 4-1, I lived in the 4-1. We have the same locker, we grew up in the Bronx not far from each other," Jasmine said. "It was something that was going to happen, it was just a matter of time."

Neither holds resentment over how long it took for them to reconcile. 

"The relationship that we have now is what matters at this point," Yadarquiris said.

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