Jessy Edwards

Long-Lost Brothers Discover They Were at Same University the Whole Time

The brothers even turned out to have the same major

Two college students who attend the same university have just discovered they’re biological brothers who had been searching for each other for years.

Growing up Kieron Graham always wondered about his birth mom and brother, so his adoptive mother gave him a DNA test kit to register on

“What does my mom look like? Why don’t we have any pictures? It was a difficult conversation," he said.

His birth mother Shawn Ghant had made the tough decision to give up her young son Kieron for adoption when he was just three months old.

“At the time I felt like I could not give him what he needed,” she said.

After the results came back last week, Kieron realized his number one match was a man named Vincent. 

And it turned out that Vincent attended Kennesaw State University in Georgia, the same college as Kieron. They even have the same major.

They walked the same sidewalks. Took the same routes into the university. Walked the same hallways for three years without ever knowing they were so close to one another.

“We didn’t even know what to say at first,” Kieron said. “He was just kind of like is this real? You’re my brother.”

Vincent remembers taking care of his younger brother when he was just a few months old.

“Feed him his bottles and change diapers,” Vincent said. “All of that ran through my head immediately because that was my last memory of him.”

He’s thankful they can make new memories. And their biological mom finally gets to see her boys reunited after all these years.

“Although it’s been 20 years, there’s not one day you don’t think about him,” she said.

They’re still in shock that they’ve always been so close, but now they’re building a close bond, and planning new holiday traditions.

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