Hundreds Gather in Midtown to Meet Miley Cyrus

Part of 5th Avenue is a sea of pink and purple

Forget teens and tweens, Miley Cyrus' biggest fan isn't who you'd expect.

Mark Shapp, 20, has been sitting, sleeping (kinda) and waiting outside Barnes and Noble on 5th Avenue since Tuesday night, all for a chance to have Miley Cyrus sign her new book, "Miles To Go."

He's not alone. Dozens of fans joined him Wednesday night, but he's definitely unique. The self-described "biggest fan" took an eight-hour Greyhound bus ride from Portland, Maine, for a chance to meet his hero.

Shapp took three days off work and has only slept four hours. Ouch. Why does he love the teen triple-threat who acts, sings and has become a mini-mogul in the entertainment industry?

Cyrus is a "positive influence" on people and uses her celebrity for good, Shapp said.

Barnes and Noble passed out 500 pink wristbands to those guaranteed a short visit with the young star Thursday. The next wave of fans received blue wristbands, but were not guaranteed an introduction to Cyrus, who was scheduled to leave the event at 6 p.m.

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