Long Island Father Outraged After Finding Picture of Teen Daughter in Bikini on Overseas Photo Site

A Long Island father is speaking out after he found a photo of his teenage daughter in a bikini on an overseas website that compiles anonymously submitted photos of scantily clad or nude women.

Cliff Pfleger said he found his daughter's photo on the site that authorities think is run out of Ukraine and features hundreds of pornographic images. Below the image, Pfleger said, he saw comments from users asking for more pictures of the girl.

He said he was also able to find photos of other Long Island teens in sections sorted by high school and hometown.

Pfleger told NBC 4 New York he and his wife were outraged after finding the photo, which he said was posted without his daughter's consent. He said she put the photo on social media and someone with access to it moved it to the photo-sharing site overseas.

Pfleger said he was able to get the photo taken down, but he wants other parents in the area to be on alert. 

"The first feeling is like you found your house burglarized," Pfleger said. "You feel violated, like, 'Holy cow.'"

Pfleger said a Facebook tip pointed him in the direction of the overseas site.

"You get a sense that it's almost as flippant as trading baseball cards," the father said.

The Suffolk County Police Department said its computer crimes unit has been monitoring the online image board for about four of five months. Investigators say they received complaints from elected officials and school boards in and around Islip.

Police say that there isn't any evidence of child porn on the site, so they don't have enough evidence to pursue charges against anyone.  

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