Police Arrest Long Island Man for Stealing Ambulance

The ambulance was recovered undamaged

A Long Island man faces charges that he stole an ambulance and took it for a three-mile joy ride.
Nassau police arrested Salvatore Brecciano, of North Merrick, on Friday.
Investigators say the 46-year-old took the ambulance, which belonged to the Merrick Fire Department, from a firehouse in Merrick earlier this month. The keys were in the ignition.
Police tell Newsday that one of the clues pointing to the suspect was a 12-pack of beer left sitting on the ground on the spot where the vehicle was taken.
Investigators said it was purchased at a nearby 7-Eleven. They say Brecciano bought it there with a debit card.
The ambulance was recovered undamaged.
Information on a lawyer for Brecciano was not immediately available.

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