Farmer Who Brought Livestock to Parties Arrested on Animal Abuse Charges: Officials

A Long Island man who brought his livestock to fairs and private parties has been arrested on animal abuse charges, accused of severely neglecting a collection of 25 animals on his farm in Old Westbury, police said.

The man, Michael Dombek, 54, was known to the Nassau County ASPCA, according to ASPCA Detective Bob Sowers. He kept goats, geese, rabbits, horses and dogs in the large yard of his home on Jericho Turnpike. 

The animals were emaciated and kept in "disgusting" conditions, according to prosecutors. When investigators went onto the property Tuesday, they found animals' ribs were showing from malnutrition, their hooves were infected from filthy living conditions and water was covered in slime.

In one manure-filled paddock on the property, a donkey was found with open wounds on its legs, according to prosecutors. In another part of the property, part of a wooden fence appeared to have been chewed off by an animal that had not received enough to eat. 

Five horses have been removed and taken to urgent care; all the other animals are being treated and will be rescued. 

Investigators visited the property several times after receiving complaints from the public, the district attorney's office said. 

Attorney information for Dombek wasn't immediately available.

He was set to be arraigned on 25 misdemeanor counts of animal abuse Tuesday evening. 

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