Long Island Girl Celebrates 6th Birthday With Social Distancing Surprise Party

Alexa Sullivan's friends and teachers made sure she had a big day to remember - even in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

While social distancing has interrupted events for children such as celebrating their birthday with friends or going to the movies, many kids are still making the most of things.

One such kid is Alexa Sullivan of Massapequa. She was supposed to celebrate her birthday on March 22 with a big party. But because of the spread of coronavirus, her parents had to cancel. 

Her friends were so disappointed. But Alexa’s mom and dad and her friends’ parents set up a special birthday surprise. 

On her birthday, her friends, their parents and even some of her teachers showed up in front of her home to sing happy birthday to her while maintaining a healthy distance. Alexa was so shocked and enjoyed her surprise.

Video of the surprise party shows friends, parents and teachers lined up their vehicles in front of her home, singing "Happy Birthday" - then blowing for Alexa to pop.

“Thank you so much everyone!” Alexa yelled to the crowd.

Not able to contain her happiness, she ran over to one of her friends but quickly scurried back per her dad. 

“The amount of love and kindness this community did to make our little girl’s birthday special meant the world to us,” Alexa’s mother Christina told “The look in our daughter’s eyes, how happy she was, was truly amazing. When she saw her teachers she was so excited.” 

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