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Long Island Cop Used Excessive Force When He Tased a Man, Lawsuit Says

Ring video captures the moment a Long Island man was tased by police in the driveway of a West Islip home

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An Oakdale man is suing a Suffolk County police officer for damages stemming from an incident in January when the man was tased by an officer "for no apparent reason."

Craig Costello, 52, says he was driving to his brother's house in West Islip after stopping at a CVS. That's where a Suffolk cop started following Costello to the brother's residence.

It was after the Costello arrived at the West Islip house that the officer used a Taser to subdue him; the incident was caught on a Ring camera. Costello also alleges the officer kicked him in the chest, all while pointing a handgun at him.

Costello insists he did nothing to warrant being hit by a Taser that night in January. At the time, Costello says he had no idea why the officer followed him to the home.

"What did I do?" Costello asks after he'd fallen to the ground.

"Put your hands behind your back or I'll tase you again," the officer said, telling Costello he was "wanted."

According to Costello's lawyer, his client was driving with an expired license. That traffic infraction, he says, is what prompted the violent incident with the officer.

"A reasonable police officer would not have done what this police officer did," Alex Klein, Costello's attorney, told News 4 on Friday.

Lawyers representing Costello call the attack "inexplicable," "a shoot first, ask questions later" incident. They filed a federal lawsuit claiming the officer used excessive force. The suit identifies the cop only as Officer Grenia.

"The video speaks for itself. What was I doing wrong?" Costello says.

The Suffolk County Police Department responded with a statement saying the department does not comment on pending litigation.

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