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Long Island Basketball Coach Beaten By Player's Relatives After Benching

After a player was benched, he made it known to the coach he was unhappy — and neither was his family, as his brothers walked on the court and surrounded the coach before one punched him in the side of the head

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A Long Island intramural basketball coach says he was kicked and punched in the head repeatedly by relatives of a player who did not agree with his coaching style.

Ghost Elite head coach Theo Czubakowski was coaching their championship game on Sunday, June 13 at Next Level Sports in Huntington. His team was down a few points and he subbed a player. The player did not like that and made it known. Czubakowski ended up benching him for that quarter. But the player’s mother was not happy.

“When we started losing by a little more she said put my son back in she was yelling at me. Cursed at me telling me to coach the team,” Czubakowski recalled. “Words were exchanged.”

Mid game, Czubakowski said the benched player’s brothers started walking on the court and surrounded him. One punched him in the side of the head and he fell to the ground.

“I got knocked down I was so woozy, I got hit a couple of times….as you can see in the video I fall down I stumble because I was so dizzy.”

Czubakowski says he ran to his car thinking he would be safe there.

“They opened the door and they started hitting me again and the guy who first hit me tried to pull me out by my feet, I’m holding onto the steering wheel to stay in the car.”

Suffolk Police released a photo of at least two men they want to interview about this brawl. Ghost Elite was a winning travel basketball team but because of the incident, Czubakowski has had to cut ties with four of the players affiliated with the attackers.

“It hurt my other players cause now they don’t have the team they had. We had a great thing going we won two championships together.”

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