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Listen Up: A Closer Look at the Top Stories for Wednesday, April 18

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 

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1. 1 Dead After Jet Engine on Flight From NYC Rips Apart

A Southwest Airlines flight from LaGuardia to Dallas was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia on Tuesday after the plane blew an engine 32,000 feet up. 

The dramatic incident happened aboard the Boeing 737 21 minutes into the flight and at least one person has died and several others were injured. 

The deadly accident marks the first fatality during an accident aboard a domestic airline since 2009. 

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2. Study Reveals NYC House Mice Can Actually Kill You

Mighty Mouse has gone rogue -- well not quite. 

A study from Columbia University revealed New York City house mice carry bacteria and unknown viruses that could lead to deadly diseases in humans. 

The study also shows researchers discovered some mice had germs that were antibiotic-resistant. 

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3. NY Is Among the Top Greenest States in the Country, Study Reveals

Earth Day is near and get this: A recent study found The Empire State is the fourth-greenest state on the country. 

Connecticut came close behind, ranking seventh. 

Ironically, The Garden State didn't even crack the top 10. It ranked 13th. 

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