List of Fatal Plane Crashes Since 1995

A list of airline accidents with fatalities in the U.S. since  1995 and before Thursday's crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 into a home in suburban Buffalo, N.Y., which killed 48 on the plane and one on the ground:

Aug. 27, 2006: Comair Flight 5191 crashed on takeoff from Lexington, Ky.'s Blue Grass Airport, killing 49 of the 50 people aboard. It was bound for Atlanta.

Oct. 19, 2004: Corporate Airlines Flight 5966 crashed in woods as it approached an airport in Kirksville, Mo., killing 13 of the 15 people on board. The plane was on a regular route from St. Louis. Federal investigators blamed pilot error.

Jan. 8, 2003: US Airways Express Flight 5481 crashed shortly after leaving the Charlotte, N.C., airport for Greer, S.C. All 19  passengers and the two crew members were killed. The NTSB determined that incorrect rigging of the plane's elevator control system caused the plane to lose pitch control during takeoff, resulting in the crash.

Nov. 12, 2001: American Airlines Flight 587 crashed in the Rockaways section of New York City, killing all 265 aboard. The John F. Kennedy International Airport flight was bound for the Dominican Republic.

Jan. 31, 2000: Alaska Airlines Flight 261 spiraled into the Pacific Ocean off Port Hueneme, Calif., on a flight from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to San Francisco and Seattle. All 88 people aboard died.

July 17, 1996: TWA Flight 800 exploded near East Moriches, N.Y., shortly after takeoff, killing 230 board. The flight was headed to Paris from John F. Kennedy International Airport.

May 11, 1996: Atlanta-bound ValuJet Flight 592 crashed into the Florida Everglades shortly after takeoff, killing 110 people.

Dec. 20, 1995: American Airlines Flight 965 from Miami crashed 38 miles north of Cali, Colombia, during descent, killing 159 people. Four passengers survived.

Aug. 21, 1995: Southeast Airlines Flight 529, a commuter flight from Atlanta to Mississippi, crashed during an emergency landing in a hayfield near Carrolton, Ga., killing eight of the 29 people aboard. A propeller blade broke off mid-flight, causing the aircraft to lose control.

SOURCES: National Transportation Safety Board and Associated Press news reports.

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