High School Coach Accused of Steroids Possession

Kevin Muscarello is accused of intending to peddle steroids

A Long Island high school volleyball coach is barred from his job after he was arrested Sunday for allegedly possessing anabolic steroids, authorities say. 

Kevin Muscarello, the boys volleyball coach at Lindenhurst High School, intended to sell the steroids, police say. The school district insisted in a statement, "We have no reason to believe Muscarello was distributing steroids to students."

Muscarello has been in the Lindenhurst district for 11 years. But the longtime physical education teacher won't be allowed to return to work until his case is resolved. 

Mike McCardle, who once wrestled on a junior high team coached by Muscarello, said: "We really didn't expect this from him. He seemed like a great guy." 

His surprise and disappointment were echoed by other students and parents. 

"Maybe this guy was just outside on his own," said Arlene Miller, a grandparent. "I don't think the school was involved at all." 

Parent Paul Manno said: "It's hard to believe that. But you have to leave that up to the authorities to decide." 

At least one student athlete at the school said school officials often warned of the dangers of steroids, never expecting that a well-liked teacher and coach would be accused of using them. 

"He didn't seem like a guy on steroids. He wasn't that big," said student Tom Serafino.

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