LiLo Loses It in Manhattan Deli

Actress throws a tantrum over her phone

Here's a shocker. Lindsay Lohan made a scene.

Maybe she was mad that a Manhattan deli employee wouldn't give her back her Blackberry. Or maybe she was miffed that he didn't know who she was. Whatever the case, the starlet called the cops on a man just trying to do an honest job.

The actress swore at counterman Mohammad Hashan and had a friend call 911 when he asked for proof that the phone she had left behind in his store indeed belonged to her, according to a published report.

"Who is she? Is she a star? I'm no celebrity. I'm not nothing. I'm only a restaurant worker," Hashan told the Daily News yesterday. "I was just trying to be honest. Now I have police and trouble already."

The deli worker's brief brush with the frenzied celeb started when she stopped into the Mott Corner Deli in Little Italy to get a cup of ice and left her phone on the counter.

Seeing the left-behind BlackBerry, Hashan rushed to Lohan's cab, banged on the window and asked if the phone belonged to her. When Lohan said yes, Hashan demanded proof, considering there were other customers in the store at the time and he wanted to ensure he was returning the phone to its rightful owner, reports the News.

Lohan tried to grab the phone, but missed. Then she had a bud of hers try to call the number, but the BlackBerry didn't ring. So Hashan asked her to come back inside and review surveillance video with him.

That's when LiLo lost it, Hashan said.

"She said, 'I'm calling the police! I'm going to arrest you for not giving me my phone!" he told the News.

Lohan's friend called 911. When the cops showed up, Hashan handed them the phone. They opened it, saw a picture of LiLo and returned it to her, the worker told the News.    

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