Greg Cergol

Lighting Hits Long Island Stone Worker, Who Walks Away With Virtually No Injuries

There's lucky, and then there's "getting hit by lightning in the foot and walking away" lucky. 

A 48-year-old Central Islip man escaped with only minor injuries when a bolt of lightning hit him during Monday morning's storm, police and his employer said.

The unidentified man was working in the yard of Roman Stone Construction Co in Bay Shore when he was ordered inside due to claps of thunder in the area. Before he could take cover, though, lightning struck on or near his foot, the company said.

He managed to walk inside after the strike and tell co-workers what happened. Paramedics checked him out and found him largely uninjured, though he was transported to a nearby hospital as a precaution.

Sharon D'Agostino, an executive vice president and spokeswoman for the company, told News 4 the company was pleased the incident ended well -- and that the man should look into a lottery ticket for himself. 

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