LI Woman, 78, Chases Armed Mugger Toward Police

Suspect faces several charges

A 78-year-old woman took matters into her own hands when she was confronted by an armed mugger on Long Island.

Doris Henion chased the suspect, 24-year-old Christopher Norowski, across a parking lot at the Huntington Square Mall after he allegedly stole her daughter's purse, police said.

Norowski tried to get away in a minivan, but police caught up with him.

Henion said she didn't even think twice about the gun when she chased after Norowski.

"He kept walking and I kept after him," she said. "The whole time I was yelling, 'Stop, thief. He's got my daughter's purse. Somebody stop him.'"

Police said later that Norowski actually had a pellet gun on him, but Henion said she'd do it all over again if she had to.

Norowski is charged in connection with two other robberies in the area.

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