LI Woman, 53, Gives Birth to Twin Boys

A 53-year-old Long Island woman proudly announced Thursday that she beat the clock when she gave birth to twin boys last month.

Just a few weeks after Matthew and David bounced into the world, Sarajean Grainson beamed as she spoke publicly for the first time about the dual delivery.

"I want women to know there is no biological clock," she told Newsday at North Shore University Hospital. "It's not ticking anymore."

Grainson's husband, 41-year-old David, is a former Roman Catholic priest who couldn't help but invoke his faith.

"What it really comes down to is this is a gift from God," he told Newsday.

After bringing her out of menopause, a doctor combined donor eggs with her husband's sperm for the in-vitro victory, according to the paper.

Sarajean has three kids -- ages 31, 28 and 22 -- from a previous marriage, and the Grainsons have a 2-year-old boy, Luke, who sported an "I'm the BIG BROTHER" T-shirt at the news conference Thursday, Newsday reported.

Sarajean Grainson said she looks forward to spending her golden years taking care of teenagers.

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