L.I. Remains Search to Resume Monday

Relatives of missing woman gather to mark one year anniversary

Police will resume searching for human remains Monday on Long Island as relatives of one of the missing women traveled to Oak Beach to mark the year anniversary of her disappearance.

Officials will scour the New York barrier island where 10 sets of remains have been found since late last year with another ground search Monday at 9 a.m, in an area west and slightly north of where the hunt has been concentrated.

Police have not searched the remote Long Island beachfront since April 22, when two teeth were found after investigators shoveled and sifted dirt in a small area near where a skull had been found.

About a dozen people assembled around noon Sunday at Oak Beach to remember Gilbert, holding hands while her aunt said a prayer.

"I feel like the only way to connect with her is to be here," said one of her sisters, Sarra Gilbert, 22, of Ellenville in upstate New York.

No suspects have been publicly identified in the ongoing investigation and police have indicated they might be looking for more than one killer. Only the first four victims -- all women who worked as sex workers and advertised online -- have been linked.

Authorities have not disclosed any other identities or connections among the other sets of remains.

The remains search was first set off last year when Gilbert, a sex worker from New Jersey, went missing after seeing a client in the area. She has not been found.

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