LGA “Bomber” a “Time Machine” Designer

And a great piano player, to boot

Scott McGann, the man tackled over the weekend by cops at LaGuardia who feared he was trying to detonate a bomb, may have actually thought he was transporting himself to another time.

Among the homeless man's possessions was a drawing of an arrow pointing at the word "Time," and more arrows pointing at the words "Dimension 1," "Dimension 2," and "Dimension 3," reported the New York Post.

A visit to McGann at Bellevue found him to be uncommunicative. Asked how he was doing, he would only look up and to the right. Asked about time travel, he simply stood up and walked away.

In addition to his other interests, McGann is said to be an excellent piano player, frequently renting time at Beethoven Pianos on West 58th in Manhattan.

"He's always welcome here," store manager Perry Fellwock, told the Daily News. "His piano playing is brilliant. He plays mostly classical music."

He caught the attention of two Port Authority cops who spotted wires poking out his bag and tackled him as McGann tore wires from his arms and pressed what appeared to be a trigger linked to the fake bomb, the Post reported.

The bomb ended up being several batteries taped together.

McGann was preparing to board United Flight 667 to Chicago followed by connecting flight to Oakland, California.

He is charged with placing a false bomb, placing a false bomb or hazardous substance in a mass transportation facility and making a terrorist threat.

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