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NYC Lesbian Couple Say Uber Driver Kicked Them Out Over a ‘Peck'

What to Know

  • A lesbian couple say they were kicked out of their Uber over the weekend after sharing a kiss while on a trip from Brooklyn to Manhattan
  • Video captured by the couple shows the driver saying the kiss was 'disrespectful'
  • Uber said in a statement it is launching an investigation into the episode

UPDATE: Uber Driver's License Suspended for Booting Kissing Women

A lesbian couple says they were kicked out of their Uber after sharing a quick kiss in the back of their car Saturday.

Alex Iovine and Emma Pichl said they were heading from Gowanus, Brooklyn, to a birthday party in the East Village and had “pecked” while the car was headed over the Manhattan Bridge.

“We peck kissed, like I reached across and pecked kissed her,” said Iovine. “That’s how fast it was that’s why I say ‘pecked.’”

Iovine and Pichl were surprised by what happened next. The driver -- apparently upset that the couple had kissed -- pulled over as soon as he was able, and told them to get out.

“It was immediate shock,” Iovine said. “We couldn’t believe something like this was happening.”

Iovine whipped out her phone and started recording what became a tense standoff with their driver.

“It’s illegal,” the driver says.

The two women retort, “Kissing is not illegal.”

The driver then replies, “You can’t do this in the car. You aren’t allowed to do this.” He goes on to say “It’s disrespectful.”

Iovine and Pichl can then be heard getting upset and threaten to report the driver to both the police and Uber before the video ends.

“It turned into anger, which we are not proud of,” Iovine said. “We were just so overcome with emotions.”

Pichl added, “I’d say if he feels so uncomfortable with two girls pecking in the backseat then he shouldn’t be an Uber driver in New York City.”

The pair did report the driver to Uber afterward, and the company has launched an investigation and “will take the appropriate action.”

“Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination,” the company said in a statement.

News 4 couldn't reach the driver for comment. 

Iovine and Pichl said they’d like an apology from the driver and have decided not to use the service.

“We’re a little hesitant to get in an Uber again,” said Iovine. “We made a pact that we will be taking the subway."

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