Left Turns Kill More People in New York Than Any Other State: WNYC Radio

New numbers reveal more people are hit and killed by drivers making left turns in New York than any other state. In New York City, left turns are more likely to hurt or kill a pedestrian than right ones.  

Emily Miller, of Park Slope, was crossing an intersection near her home the night before Thanksgiving to make a last-minute run for groceries. She was hit by driver making a left turn.

"I just recall the sensation of moving through space, which was very bizarre," Miller, who had the right of way at the time of the accident, said.

Miller was left with a slight concussion and internal injuries along her right side. She now has to use a wheelchair or walker to get around. 

"As a native New Yorker, it's a cliche, but as a New Yorker you say it won't happen to me but it did happen to me," Miller said. 

NBC 4 New York partner WNYC Radio, which crunched the numbers, found reckless or inattentive drivers may not solely be to blame for left hand-turn accidents.

Crash standards have expanded the size of what are called vehicle A-pillars -- the pieces of a car that hold the windshield in place. The larger pillars are routinely used to protect people in rollover situations, but experts say they can also reduce visibility.

For the full story, check WNYC Radio Friday morning. 

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