Lawmakers, Transit Advocates Take to Tunnels to Get Feedback About State of Subway System

City lawmakers and transit advocates took to the subway tunnels Thursday and will do so again on Friday to get an up close look at the state of the subway system.

The 24-hour Riders Respond Transit Tour comes in the wake of delays, derailments, power outages and track fires. And on Thursday, those advocates heard an array of complaints. 

“They can be more on time,” Ling of Lower Manhattan said. A lot of the time, I want to say 80 percent of the time, they’re not on time.”

The group, including councilmembers Ydanis Rodriguez and Vanessa Gibson, visited stations across Manhattan and the Bronx. The goal is to assess the state of the subway system and get feedback from commuters.

"I use the train very often," Rodriguez said. "Millions of New Yorkers rely on the trains every day and the train system is important."

The results will be presented at a City Council Transportation hearing on Tuesday.

“We understand riders are frustrated – and they have every right to be – that’s why Chairman Lhota laid out an aggressive plan to take immediate action to stabilize and modernize the system. Today he also unveiled a new leadership team to implement that plan," The MTA said in a statement. 

On, Friday stations at the city's other three boroughs will be conducted. 

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