Times Square

Lawmaker to Unveil Bill to Expand NYC Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez has announced new legislation aimed at expanding the use of protective barriers on city sidewalks to help stop speeding vehicles from striking pedestrians like the attack in Times Square.

Rodriguez said Thursday the bill would require widespread installation of safety bollards, or squat steel posts, at schools, pedestrian plazas and priority safety corridors determined by the Department of Transportation.

Last month, a man steered his car onto a sidewalk in Times Square, killing a tourist and injuring 22 others before he was stopped by one of the metal posts.

The recent deadly crash in Times Square is spurring talks on banning cars entirely in the area.

Rodriquez says the legislation will deter attacks involving vehicles used as weapons as well as pedestrian accidents involving curb jumping.

The bill will be introduced next week and will have a public hearing on June 22.

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