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Colossal 213 Pound Cream Cheese and Lox Bagel Breaks World Record in New York

What to Know

  • The bagel and lox had to weight over 200 pounds to break the record. It weighed in at 213.
  • Acme and Zucker's planned the record attempt for National Bagel and Lox Day
  • Onlookers got a taste of history after the monster bagel was constructed

The smell of onions filled the Acme Smoked Fish warehouse as onlookers packed the room to watch an attempt at building the largest bagel and lox sandwich ever recorded. In a partnership with Zucker’s Bagels shop, the celebration arrived just in time for National Bagel and Lox Day Friday.

The enormous bagel weighed in just over 213 pounds, making it the New Guinness world record holder for the largest bagel and lox sandwich. It included 30 pounds of smoked salmon and 40 pounds of cream cheese.

In Pictures: The World's Largest Bagel and Lox Sandwich

The event was held at the Acme Smoked Fish facility on 30 Gem Street in Brooklyn, where Acme co-CEO Adam Caslow and Zucker’s Bagels shop founder Matt Pomerantz attempted the feat. 

According to a press release from Acme, “The companies will follow the rules set forth by the Guinness Book in order to set the record, and the sandwich will be carefully constructed and weighed before it is cut and distributed to the crowd.”

The crowd went wild after the sandwich was confirmed to weigh in over 200 pounds. Caslow, before the sandwich was completed, said he thought the task was going to be impossible.

“I want to thank everyone for being here,” he said. “I thought [Richie] was nuts. I thought there’s no way. It can’t be done. There’s no way to make the biggest bagel and lox that weighs 200 pounds.”

After the sandwich was weighed, it was sliced up and handed out to everyone to enjoy.

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