Lamborghini Snaps in Half in Brooklyn Crash

A Lamborghini snapped in half after crashing into another car and then a fence in Brooklyn, and images of the smash-up have gone viral.

The collision on the Mill Basin street was unremarkable, but the end was eye-popping.

The $400,000 sports car clipped another vehicle before hitting the barrier, and when it came to a rest, its back end looked like it was sliced off with a knife. The Lamborghini driver walked away from the crash, and the other driver was injured, but survived.

Neighbors said they not only heard the crash, they felt it.

"The house shook," said Michael Yuryev, whose home security camera captured the collision.

Residents along 66th Street hope the attention from the images will help them protect the community. Many say speeding is a problem in the area.

"It's a tragedy waiting to happen," Yuryev said.

--Marc Santia contributed to this story

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