New York City

Woman Hit in ‘Knockout Game': ‘It Was Like Getting Hit by a Two-by-Four'

A New York City woman said she was knocked out of her shoes by an attacker who sucker-punched her late last month in what was later called a possible case of the “knockout game.”

Susan Farina told News 4 in an exclusive interview that she was walking her dog near Essex and Grand streets on Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Sept. 25 when a group of three men passed by.

“One guy was saying to the other two ‘I’m gonna do it, yo. I’m gonna do it, yo,’” Farina said. “I still didn’t think anything of it.”

Then, suddenly, she was punched. Farina said she doesn’t even remember hitting the ground from the attacker’s haymaker, but when she got up, the men were gone.

She refused medical attention, but had a badly swollen face. She also noticed her leg had been scuffed the next day.

“It felt like somebody hit me with a two-by-four,” she said. “I saw stars.”

The attack comes more than four years after several cases of the so-called “knockout game” left New Yorkers looking over their shoulders as they walked through the city in fear of random punches.

Police recently released images of the three men involved in the attack. Anyone with information about them should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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