Kitten Set on Fire Recovers in NJ

A weeks-old kitten is recovering in a New Jersey animal shelter after it was found severely burned on a Philadelphia street last Thursday.

The four- to five-week-old male kitten had burns on more than one-third of its body, with most of the burns on its head and back, according to officials.

The kitten was taken to Crown Veterinary Hospital in Lebanon, N.J., where it was treated for its burns. The nonprofit organization Animal Alliance of New Jersey has since taken the kitten into its care and says Justin, as he's been named, is expected to make a full recovery.

On their Facebook page, the Animal Alliance of New Jersey said Justin "although tiny, is a fighter."

"He may look fragile, but his veterinary caretakers say he has a great appetite and is doing well."

The Humane Society is offering a $5,000 reward for information related to the animal cruelty case.

Credit: Animal Alliance of New Jersey

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