Twitter Goes Crazy Over Who @KFC Is Following

A Twitter user has earned kudos online for discovering a subtle message on KFC’s account.

The KFC account follows just 11 users; five of them are former members of the Spice Girls and the other six are men named Herb, including Green Bay Packers cornerback Herb Waters and music legend Herb Alpert.

It adds up to 11 herbs and spices, part of the famous secret recipe KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders touted for his fried chicken.

The connection was noticed on Twitter by a user who goes by “Edge.” His tweet about it has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on the platform.

KFC tells The Associated Press it has been following the 11 Herbs and Spices for about a month. columnist Erik Sherman lauded the Twitter stunt as a "bit of marketing genius."

"Subtle, waiting for the day when someone would notice it, mention it, with all the press that would follow," wrote Sherman. "The humor is completely in keeping with all the overall tone of KFC campaigns and the company couldn't invoke its history any better than with a reference to 11 herbs and spices." 

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