‘Secret Beach’ Pop-Up Bar Keeps Summer Alive in NYC

Even though the days are getting shorter, NYLO New York City is proving that summer is here to stay with its brand new “Secret Beach” pop-up bar on the Upper West Side.

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Gabi Porter
Gabi Porter
Travel 16 floors up to the NYLO Hotel's secluded "Secret Beach" pop-up bar and you will quickly forget that the summer is coming to an end. The space, redesigned by boutique New York City-based design firm dtls.Architecture, is meant to be both relaxing and intimate, with the limited seating only able to accommodate 30 guests.
Gabi Porter
As part of the beach theme, blue-lit fiber optic lights cascade and overlap above the heads of guests to simulate waves crashing on the shore.
Gabi Porter
Each drink created by Director of Beverage Jeremy Fowler is meant to capture and embody the vibes of the summer, both in taste and appearance. The Basic Beach combines Navy Strength Gin, Blue Curacao, lemon tonic and coconut sparkling water in a glass that rests upon a bed of edible cookie sand. A candy beach ball and a shovel are even included so that patrons can dig for chocolate sea shells.
Gabi Porter
If it's a pirate's life for you, the Rum Traitor may be more your style. Meant for two people, the drink is served in two wooden barrels on a treasure map that includes a trove of edible gold coins. The drink itself is made from Rum, Szechuan Peppercorn, Pineapple, Lime and Gold Leaf.
Gabi Porter
Another of the specialty cocktails, the Finding Nori is a combination of Grey Goose, St. Germain, Raspberry Puree and Green Tea served over sea rocks, topped with grapefruit seafoam, sprinkled with nori and poured tableside out of a ship in a bottle. In addition to the cocktail options, wine and beer will also be on the menu, including a beer selection from Toast Ales, a sustainable beer brewed with the unsold bread loaves from local bakeries.
Gabi Porter
The "Secret Beach" will be open every Wednesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. from now until October 27.
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