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Just Salad's New No-Chop Policy Sparks Backlash

There's nothing like backlash to the chopping policy of a popular salad chain to remind everyone how cute New York City problems are. 

The New York Post reports that Just Salad, the go-to salad factory of many a Manhattan worker, will be getting rid of its option to have salads chopped. 

"The franticness of the process is removed," Just Salad founder and CEO Nick Kenner told Eater NY, explaining that salads will now be mixed and ingredients will come in smaller bite-sized pieces.

"It's a better experience categorically," he said, adding that the rounded mezzaluna knife was also bruising salad ingredients. 

It also makes for more efficient business, Kenner said, telling The Post that stores that have banned the chop were seeing same-store sales surge by 20 percent.

By the end of June, all 20 Just Salad stores in Manhattan will adopt the no-chop policy, except for Rockefeller Center, which will wait till the end of the year to put it into effect. 

Fresh & Co. stopped chopping two years ago, citing better consistency and reduced risk of contamination, and Sweetgreens also does not chop salads, according to The Post.

Unhappy customers told The Post the new policy is "pathetic" and "not going to be convenient at all," and that they were "really upset." 

Eater NY also highlighted some of the Twitter fury against Just Salad's new policy. "I am livid about this change," one woman wrote; "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE," fumed another. 

Chopt got into the fray to happily remind customers: "Been chopping since 2001 and not stopping anytime soon." 

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