Jurors Watch Accused Getaway Driver's Statements to Police After Arrest in Deadly New Jersey Mall Carjacking

Dustin Friedland of Hoboken was shot in the head Dec. 15, 2013 in front of his wife as the couple returned to their Range Rover in the parking deck of The Mall at Short Hills

In the continuing trial of the accused getaway driver in a deadly New Jersey mall carjacking three years ago, jurors saw the suspect's initial statements to police after his arrest.

Basim Henry made the statement to detectives a day after his arrest in the deadly carjacking of Dustin Friedland at The Malls at Shore Hills in December 2013. He admitted hearing two gunshots in the mall parking deck.

And then, he said, after Friedland's Range Rover was driven out of the mall, he told the alleged gunman it was only supposed a strong-arm carjacking.

"I says something's f----- up," Henry says on the videotape. "He says he shot him. He shot him."

Over and over, the two detectives grill Henry after reading him his Miranda rights, video shows. The lead detective had taken some of Henry's clothing at arrest, even his thermal underwear.

Finally, detectives get a statement out of him after Henry refers to a scuffle: "What did I say to him? I say, 'Why the f--- you do that.' He says, 'What the f--- you gonna do?'"

Henry sat calmly in court Wednesday, showing no emotion as his statement was played.

Photos of the stolen Range Rover next to an abandoned house were also shown to the jury.

Dustin Friedland, a young attorney in Hoboken, was shot and killed in the parking lot at The Malls at Short Hills just 10 days before Christmas in 2013.

Friedland's widow, Jamie Schare Friedland, gave emotional testimony about the sudden ambush and the harrowing wait for help, and state Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Falzon testified that Friedland died of a gunshot wound to the head in a homicide.

Henry, along with Hanif Thompson, of Irvington, and Newark residents Karif Ford and Kevin Roberts have pleaded not guilty to felony murder and other charges in connection with the carjacking.

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