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‘Joints for Jabs' Hands Out Weed to Vaccinated Adults in NYC on 4/20

Man in marijuana suit at "Jabs for Joints" event
NBC New York

One group spent Tuesday changing "puff, puff, pass" into "puff, puff, vaxxed."

April 20 is of course the unofficial holiday celebrating marijuana, and to celebrate New York legalizing the use of recreational pot, activists handed out free joints to those in an NYC park who had received their COVID19 vaccination.

The group "Joints for Jabs" handed out J's in Union Square Park to adults who had an official vaccine card as part of a nationwide vaccination drive. The organizers had to go through some channels in order to make an event like this happen.

"We have permission from the city, from the mayor's office, the governor — we went through all the right control lines and everybody said it was OK," the organizer told NBC New York. He said that all the joints were "rolled with love."

The event drew quite the crowd throughout the day. And to celebrate the "holiday" the proper way, at 4:20 Tuesday afternoon the group threw a big "smoke out" celebration.

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