Woman, 61, Punches Fellow Passenger While Getting off JetBlue Flight at JFK, Gets Pepper-Sprayed: Police

Two women are facing charges after they got in a fight while preparing to get off of a plane that had landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport Wednesday morning, authorities say.

JetBlue flight 960 had just landed at the airport and passengers were preparing to get off of the plane when the pair got in the fight, authorities say. A spokesman for the Port Authority said that one woman, 61, tried to climb over the other woman, 62, and was pushed off.

After she was pushed, the 61-year-old punched the other woman in the face, authorities say. She then pulled out an eyebrow razor and slashed at a man trying to stop the fight, scratching him.

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Then, authorities say, the other woman pulled a can of pepper spray from her pocketbook and sprayed the other woman.

Police responded and took the 61-year-old into custody on assault charges. The 62-year-old, meanwhile, was issued a summons for unlawful possession of mace.

Six people were treated at the scene for exposure to the pepper spray; one was later taken to the hospital. The man who tried to break up the fight was also taken to the hospital.

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One of the women is from New Jersey and the other one is from Brooklyn, police say.

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