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JFK Traveler With 400 Bullets: Whoops, Wrong Bag

ammunition seized at JFK

A traveler at New York's JFK Airport tried to board a flight Tuesday with an oddly heavy bag -- nearly 400 bullets of various calibers in multiple boxes.

The Long Island resident was stopped at a checkpoint by TSA officers, who notified Port Authority Police. The cops confiscated the ammo and gave the woman a citation.

According to the TSA, the woman said the ammo was her son's, and that she grabbed the wrong bag heading for her flight. (The TSA noted that that much ammo is heavy and takes up a lot of space in what's supposedly a carry-on.)

The haul includes 12 gauge, .308 caliber, .223 caliber and 9mm bullets.

"Not only is it important to know that you have not packed anything prohibited or illegal into your luggage, it is just as important to know which bag is yours to ensure you are familiar with its contents," John Bambury, TSA’s federal security director for JFK, said in a statement.

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