JFK to Close Longest Runway for 120 Days

2010 project to widen, repair landing strip

Just a little over a year from now, Kennedy Airport will take its longest runway out of service. And while many of the projects at JFK may appear the work of Rube Goldberg and the Energizer Bunny, this one is expected to last only 120 days with the goal of cutting delays.

The board of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey on Thursday voted to move ahead with a renovation of the Runway 13R-31L, which currently handles about 30 percent of all traffic at JFK, NewYorkology reported.

The asphalt on the runway wore out sooner than expected due to excessive use and is due for repair. The Port Authority voted to replace it with concrete, which will last longer, and to widen the runway to 200 feet from 150 feet, which will allow bigger aircraft to use the airport.

The new concrete has an estimated service life of over 40 years, compared to an eight-year service life for asphalt, according to the Port Authority staff report.

"Through extensive planning with the FAA and the airlines, the Port Authority expects to minimize the impact on airport operations during the 120 days that the runway will be closed for construction in 2010," the Port Authority said in a statement after the vote. "Airlines are adjusting schedules and operations to mitigate delays, and the airport's three remaining runways will be utilized to their full capabilities during the closure of Runway 13-31."


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