Package of Beauty Supplies Triggers Police, FBI Response at JFK

The package initially tested positive for weapons-grade chemicals

Police and federal agents responded to JFK Airport's postal facility after two customs agents reported a strange odor coming from a package Sunday, officials said.

Officials eventually determined that the package only contained beauty supplies and nothing harmful, but preliminary tests on the contents of the package by Port Authority police tested positive for weapons grade chemicals.

It is common for chemical tests to have false positive readings, according to a source at the airport, and authorities do not believe the package actually contained any weapons grade chemicals.

FBI hazmat units along with Port Authority police on the scene conducted further tests as a precaution. The package was destined for an unspecified address outside the U.S., according to a source.

A statement from the FBI Sunday evening noted that federal agents had cleared the scene.

"The FBI screened and tested the employees and the package they opened," the FBI said. "The package in question was determined to be beauty supplies and nothing further." 

The two customs agents who noticed the odor felt sick at first later recovered and declined medical treatment, the source said.

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