Plane Makes Emergency Landing at JFK, Sparks Brake Fire

An Aer Lingus plane had to return to Kennedy Airport to make an emergency landing Monday evening when it experienced problems with its hydraulics on one of its brakes, authorities say. 

The Boeing 757 had taken off for Shannon, Ireland just after 7 p.m. when it reported a hydraulic failure, as well as landing gear door problems and no flaps, the Port Authority said.

It returned to Kennedy Airport to make an emergency landing, and as it did so, it came in faster than normal onto runway 22 left, Port Authority said. The brakes overheated and may have sparked a fire in the landing gear compartment. 

The fire to the brakes was extinguished by emergency responders, and the passengers were shuttled back to the terminal by Port Authority buses. 

The plane was being connected to a tug to be removed, Port Authority said. 

It's not clear how many passengers were on board; no injuries have been reported. 

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