Jets Will Keep Head Coach Adam Gase This Season and Next, CEO Says

Fans have called for Gase's ouster amid the team's 2-7 start to the season

NBC Sports - Boston

Jets fans may not like Head Coach Adam Gase, but they better get used to him, because he's apparently not going anywhere anytime soon.

Jets CEO Christopher Johnson told reporters Wednesday that Gase will finish this season and will definitely be back for next season, multiple news outlets reported, including the Daily News and SNY

Gase is in his first season as coach of the team, but his 2-7 record has the #firegase hashtag lighting up Twitter. In four seasons as an NFL head coach (the first three with the Dolphins), Gase has only put up one winning season.

But Johnson is sticking by his coach.

"I'm here watching this team grind away every day. The coaches grind away every day, getting better, and the thing that's so encouraging is that there has never been a moment of finger-pointing, there's never been a moment when somebody cast blame on somebody else, and I think that speaks very highly of the character of this team and the effort of the coaches. With that I want to assure you there will be no change in coaches," Johnson said in a gathering with reporters posted by

The team is historically loathe to get rid of coaches quickly. It has not fired a coach after only one season since the early 1990s and has not fired a coach during the season since the early 1970s. 

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