Jesus Statue at Williamsburg Church Damaged After Being Kissed, High-Fived By Drunk Man: Diocese

What to Know

  • The statue outside Saints Peter and Paul Church was damaged after a drunk man kissed and high-fived a statue outside the rectory.
  • The statue was stolen in May by a trio of revelers and later turned up in the garbage at a home nearby.
  • The 100-year-old effigy was a replacement for one stolen in 2012.

A drunk man high-fived, kissed and cracked a 100-year-old Jesus statue outside a Brooklyn church, according to the diocese of Brooklyn.

Video released by the diocese shows an apparently drunk man high-fiving and kissing the statue outside the rectory of Saints Peter and Paul Church on South Third Street in Williamsburg early on Sunday.

The footage shows the man with another man and a woman walking down the sidewalk. When they pass the statue, which sits behind a gate, the man stumbles over to the statue and gives it a high five. He then climbs up the gate, leans over and grabs the statue.

He then can be seen tugging at the effigy, which eventually gives way enough for him to kiss it. 

Photos taken on Monday show cracks in the base of the statue. 

It's not the first time revelers have messed with the statue. In May, surveillance footage showed a woman lifting the statue off its pedestal before running off with a man and second woman.

The statue was found the next day in the garbage by a man who went outside to smoke. 

The statue damaged over the weekend was a replacement for one stolen in 2012. 

It's also not the only church in the popular Brooklyn neighborhood to have its statues tampered with.

In February, a man was caught on surveillance cameras knocking over a statue outside Our Lady of Consolation Church, about four blocks away.

Anyone with information about the woman who stole the statue is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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