Driver Cuffed After SUV Outrunning Cops Mows Down Man in NJ: Prosecutor

What to Know

  • Umar King, a hearing-impaired FedEx worker and comedian was killed Tuesday morning when he was hit by a car fleeing police in Jersey City
  • Authorities said the car's inhabitants ran by the King's body after the out-of-control vehicle came to a stop
  • Authorities said Thursday they've arrested the 19-year-old thought to be behind the wheel of the SUV

Authorities said they've arrested the 19-year-old thought to be behind the wheel of an out-of-control SUV that slammed into a Jersey City bus stop earlier this week, killing a hearing-impaired man. 

Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez announced the arrest Thursday evening in a tweet, though she didn't reveal the identity of the driver. Charges against the man were also unavailable. 

The arrest comes a little more than two days after a stolen SUV evading police hit another car, hopped the curb on Kennedy Boulevard and demolished a bus shelter where Umar King had been waiting. The impact was so forceful that the SUV also pushed several parked cars down the block before coming to a halt.

A stolen SUV trying to evade police slammed into a bus shelter and killed a man in Jersey City, and authorities said its inhabitants ran by the victim's body after the out-of-control vehicle came to a stop. Michael George reports.

Surveillance footage from the scene shows the vehicle's driver and two passengers running by King's lifeless body afterward.

Authorities said King, a FedEx worker and comedian, had been waiting at the stop for less than 15 seconds when the vehicle destroyed the bus shelter. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested not long after the crash, but authorities had been looking for the other two in the days that followed. It's not clear if the third suspect had been identified or arrested.

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