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Jason Aldean's Special Words for Long Island Couple Engaged at His Madison Square Garden Concert

What to Know

  • A Long Island man decided to propose to his girlfriend as their favorite song came on at the Jason Aldean concert at MSG Saturday
  • The proposal caused a commotion, and country music star Aldean noticed the happy couple's special moment
  • Aldean got security to bring the couple down to the stage, where he broadcast their proposal and gave them a toast

Jess McCormack told her boyfriend that, if he ever decided to propose, she wanted it “nice and small.”

But instead, Alex Borsari decided to pop the question in front of a crowd of thousands at country music star Jason Aldean's concert at Madison Square Garden Saturday. And the proposal created such a commotion the Long Island couple even got the attention of the star on the stage.

The engagement ring had been burning a hole in 23-year-old Borsari’s pocket for hours as he waited for Aldean to play his and Jess’s ‘song’ “You Make it Easy” at the concert on Saturday. He said he was anxious all day, and wouldn’t let McCormack leave to go to the bar in case it came on.

As the song began to play, Borsari pulled McCormack, 21, into the aisle and dropped down on one knee in the 100s level of the 20,780-capacity arena, and the crowds started cheering.

“Everybody had their phone lights facing down towards us cheering and screaming congratulations,” he said. The romantic gesture caused such an uproar that Aldean stopped the show.

“He actually said, “I don’t know what happened, I think someone just got married," Borsari said.

Security then led the couple down to the stage, where Aldean introduced them to the crowds of fans. Video shows the country music star introducing the couple to the crowds and bidding them congratulations.

“That’s very cool. I don’t know if y’all got fully married up there, there was a lot going on,” Aldean laughs. “And I don’t know when the wedding is and I don’t know what your wedding song is but I think that’s a pretty good one right there.” He goes on to toast the couple on stage, wishing them a long and blissful marriage.

Borsari said the couple has not set a date yet, but that “You Make it Easy” would definitely be featured at the wedding. 

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