“Jail Was Really Funny”: Cat Attack “Runway” Finalist

2 nights in the clink were "hilarious"

To hear Kenley Collins tell it, a couple of nights in jail was not only a hoot, but it was just what the cat-throwing "Project Runway" contestant needed to help her reach her potential as a designer and human being.

"Jail was really funny," Collins told the New York Post. "I get thrown into this cell with like 25 girls, and half of them know who I am, so it is really hilarious."

Decked out in her "most comfortable pair of jeans, a black Gap T and red hoodie," Collins served two nights in jail as punishment for two counts of assault, criminal possession of a weapon -- a cat -- and harassment, charges stemming from an ugly break-up in March with her then-fiancé, Zak Penley.

“Please. What I really said was, ‘Here! Feed your cat!’ and handed it to him. It was all just really ridiculous,” Collins told The Daily Beast.

As for her professional life, Collins says she's back on track after a disappointing "Runway" finale and the meltdown of her relationship.

"Jail inspired me!" Collins told The Beast. "It made me appreciate freedom. As soon as I got out I made a kick-ass line and did a photo shoot with 10 of my pieces. Everyone kept saying I put new meaning in the phrase 'pussy-whipped.'"

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