Is “Biggie” a Wife Beater?

The actor playing Biggie Smalls in the new movie “Notorious” has got a rap sheet of his own.

Brooklyn rapper Jamal Woolard got his big break starring as slain rap legend Christopher Wallace, known as Biggie Smalls and the Notorious BIG, but the New York Post has uncovered some details that put a damper on some of his great reviews.

The 33-year-old actor was arrested for allegedly slapping his wife in their East New York home in September, the paper reported. Court papers indicate Woolard was also charged with harassment, menacing and misdemeanor assault in connection with that incident, according to the Post.

The whole scenario is actually kind of bizarre. Woolard’s wife, Trina Younger, apparently called police after a fight that began between the couple when Woolard got home late one night.

Younger told police she dared her husband to hit her (why, no one knows), and Woolard admitted he did it, saying, “She wouldn’t stop pushing me, so I snuffed her,” court papers said, according to the Post.

Snuffed her? Younger's mom said her son-in-law wouldn’t “snuff” her daughter.

"I know he wouldn't hit her," Roslyn Younger told the Post. "He's not like that. Most definitely, they have a good relationship. That's impossible. I think it's made up. He's a loving husband and I never heard of anything like that before in my life."

The Post couldn’t reach either Woolard or Younger for comment – nor could the paper get in contact with Woolard’s lawyer, who is – get this – Cory Walker of the Legal Aid Society. Yea, the Legal Aid Society usually represents people who don’t have enough money to pay for attorneys, not that the organization offered an explanation for its sudden divergence from its normal caseload.

The couple has been together for five years, but married only for the last seven months. 

Good reviews have poured in for Woolard’s portrayal of and uncanny resemblance to Biggie Smalls, but apparently, the jury’s still out on his marriage.

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