Jersey City Shootout

Investigators Probe If Highway Shooting at Jewish Man Has Ties to Jersey City Shootout

A Hasidic man was driving side-by-side with a U-Haul van on the highway when he heard his window shatter, and the van took off.

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Investigators are looking into whether a shooting at a Hasidic man driving near Newark Airport earlier in December could be linked to last week’s deadly shootout in Jersey City.

Rabbi Jack Meyer says the victim in the incident is a Jewish man who claims that someone fired a bullet into his car from a U-Haul van — the same type of van the shooters who killed four people were seen driving in before unloading a hail of bullets at the civilians and police.

Meyer said the man was driving along the highway side-by-side with the U-Haul van when his window shattered, and the van took off. He said the man initially thought it was a rock that had been thrown at him, and never thought somebody would be shooting at him.

The FBI has found a white Ford van with New Jersey license plates that it was searching for in connection with its investigation into this week's deadly shooting attack at a Jersey City kosher supermarket. Anjali Hemphill reports.

The bullet luckily did not hit anyone inside, Meyer said, and was found in the roof of the man’s car by investigators on Monday. It has since been taken out for ballistic testing, according to law enforcement sources, to see if it might be connected to the deadly shootout.

"When the whole story broke, and pictures surfaced of the U-Haul van, he put two and two together,” Meyer said. “He said wait a second. These might be the same guys. This might be the same van. Let’s go check out what’s going on. And sure enough it lead to a bullet being found in the roof of his car.”

A law enforcement source told NBC New York that the New Jersey Attorney General’s office is investigating to see if there is a connection.

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