Healthy Rainbow Latte from The Good Sort Is Taking Over Instagram

Tucked away on a narrow street with no cars, deep in the heart of Chinatown, is one of New York’s most colorful spots.

The Good Sort used to be a neighborhood coffee shop, but has recently blown up into Instagram fame with the release of their superfood rainbow latte.

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Searching for that rainy day 🌈 (latte)

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Following the rainbow drink trend made famous by the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, The Good Sort owners Eddy Buckingham and Kate Ross created their own version.

“It was an accidental evolution,” Buckingham said. “We were just playing around with some different superfoods and milks and viscosities and hit on this rainbow combo.”

The rainbow latte is completely vegan and made from a mixture of superfoods and milks. The base layer is beetroot, oat milk and agave, the second layer is cayenne and turmeric with almond milk, and the third layer is blue spirulina and algae with coconut milk. The milks have different viscosities, allowing the drink to maintain its rainbow effect.

The drink gained popularity over the summer, and Instagram users began to come from all over to try the infamous drink.

“I find it super rewarding that people would want to not only purchase and consume it, but then broadcast it with their community and say that this is something special and something they believe in,” said Buckingham.

The rainbow latte has changed business at The Good Sort, and they hope to continue innovating with different superfoods and products in the future.

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