FBI Agent Apparently Hurt by Flash Grenade at Federal Plaza in Manhattan

What to Know

  • An FBI agent was hurt by an accidental flash grenade detonation at Federal Plaza
  • The agent was rushed to hospital with hand injuries
  • The explosion apparently took place in or near a vehicle in the building parking garage

A flash grenade accidentially exploded in the parking garage of 26 Federal Plaza Wednesday afternoon, injuring an FBI agent, law enforcement officials said. 

The agent was taken to an area hospital in stable condition with burns to his hand. The FBI, in a statement, said the agent's injuries were not life-threatening. 

It appears the agent was handling the device in or near a vehicle when the accident took place.

Flash grenades, also sometimes called flash bangs, are designed to stun people with an incredibly loud bang and a bright flash of light. They are not considered lethal, though can cause burns. 

Construction worker Christian Smith, one of the thousands of people who work in the 41-story office building, says he didn't hear the explosion and wasn't unnerved.

"Up on my floors, I didn't hear anything," he said. "I really don't know what these guys carry on themselves... to keep us safe, whatever they got, more power to them." 

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