Impatient Drivers Veer Onto Sidewalks to Bypass School Buses in Brooklyn, Video Shows

Surveillance video captured two incidents in less than a week in Brooklyn

What to Know

  • Two drivers were captured on surveillance video veering onto sidewalks in school zones to bypass school buses in Brooklyn within a week
  • The incidents have angered community members and leaders, who have called on the drivers to be located and charged
  • In one of the incidents, small children could be seen getting off the school bus before being confronted by the car on the sidewalk

People in Brooklyn are looking for stepped-up enforcement after two different drivers veered onto the sidewalk in an effort to bypass school buses stopped in school zones within a week. 

On Monday morning, a pickup truck, with flashing lights in its window, pulled out from behind a school bus on Harrison Avenue in Williamsburg and drove onto the sidewalk, forcing two students to get out of the way, video shows. The Satmar School was just a few feet away. 

"Young ladies on the way to school -- it's insane," said former state assemblyman and Brooklyn community leader Dov Hikind.

"Only imagine if, God forbid, one of those kids had been hit," he said. 

It was the second time in a matter of days that kids have had to dodge impatient drivers bypassing school buses and jumping the sidewalk in Brooklyn. 

Last week, a car got extremely close to a young boy getting off a school bus in Borough Park. Once the child ran out of the way, the driver took off down the sidewalk. 

"I'd like those people arrested," said Hikind. "I'd like to ask them, 'What were you thinking?'" 

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